Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Day of School- 2009

The first day of school was last week on Wednesday, August 5. The morning went more smoothly than I imagined. Ron had to go in early that morning which left me to get them ready and try to get pictures and get to two different schools on time. I had prepared that it would be a disaster....however, the kiddos were so excited about going to school and they were angels! They even cooperated during the photo shoot and it only took 5 minutes rather than the 15 or 20 I imagined in my mind it would take. Here they are together: Here is Anna, a 2nd grader:
Luke is headed to preschool this year. He is going to Hendersonville Bible Kindergarten (HBK). He is in the 4 year old class and he goes everyday for half the day...
Here is Luke headed inside:
Luke standing outside his room: (can you tell he is excited?)
So far, Anna loves her class and teacher and has gone right back into her routine. Luke is making adjustments. His new class is quite different than what he was use to. He is learning to sit in his assigned seat and he is learning he can't just get up and go play when he feels like it. I'm so excited that he is making lots of new friends and the teacher is so excited to have him in her class.

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