Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our little ballerina...

Anna started dance lessons last week. Here she is practicing her poses and her twirls. She is taking tap, ballet and tumbling. Her favorite so far is tap. Even when she isn't dressed in her leotard she still practices! Anna's new favorite movie and book is Barbie's 12 dancing princessess. She loves to play UNO and of course loves playing with Luke! She is a great big sister and is constantly reading to him or playing along side him. These are great times!

What is "sick-a-la"?

Luke's favorite treat... a Popsicle aka "sick-a-la"!
As you can see he enjoys every drop and even licks the stick. He asks for one several times a day and will stand at the freezer door asking for one. So cute!
He is growing so quick. He is 21 months and last weighed in at 32 pounds. He is talking/babbling a lot. His newest word is "Nana" aka Anna. His new favorite show is the Backyardigans. I think he likes it because of all the music and dancing.
He loves to collect all the balls he can find and ask you to juggle. Ron juggles and he thinks it is funny. Mommy just throws them up pretending to juggle. Then he is off to collect them again!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone is having a great new year so far! We have finally settled back in after living in chaos for 2 weeks. We were out of town for Christmas and it took us that long to unpack, clean up and for the kids to play with all their new toys. Ron is back to work and has been busy with basketball season. The kids are back to their routine. Anna started back to school, gymnastics, Wednesday night church and swim lessons. Luke is just hanging out as usual and enjoyed being back at Ms. Brenda's last week. This weekend we just sat back and caught our breath and now we are ready for 2007!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas morning

What a morning! Anna had a great time opening the gifts while Luke enjoyed playing with whatever was opened. After the gift opening we jumped in the car and headed for Georgia. The kids did great and were just excited about seeing everyone!