Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Little All-Star

Anna decided to play softball this fall rather than soccer. She has decided to try all the sports before deciding which one she wants to stick with. She has played soccer for 2 seasons, danced for 6 months, took swimming year round for 3 years and this winter we will be trying basketball.
Yes, she is a busy girl. Anyway, the softball season is going well and she has learned a lot. It is coach pitch/tee ball which basically means they get to attempt to hit off the coach and if unsuccessful they hit it off the tee. She typically has been playing pitcher (which is why she is wearing a batting helmet in the field):

She is getting the hang of batting. Just yesterday, all the girls hit off the coach and we only had to use the tee one time in the entire game!
Each team bats 10 batters (it doesn't matter how many outs you get or don't get) and when you hit you can only take one base. Here is Anna getting ready on second base:
I played softball all my life so of course I have really enjoyed practicing/teaching her the sport. Luke has gotten in on the play time too and is acting like he might be a lefty. Here he is running the bases after the game:
I'm already looking forward to spring ball...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Disney on Ice

The kids had a blast going to "daddy's old work" for Disney on Ice. This was Luke's first time because in the past he was either too small or it was a "girl" show.
Here is Luke's face when he saw Lightening Mcqeeen:
At intermission we treated them to some popcorn. We couldn't bring ourselves to drop $10 on cotton candy, though.(Even if it came with a fairy hat)
The show was great and Luke's favorite part was the seeing "Cars and Mickey". Anna like it all and couldn't decide on a favorite. I really like the Lion King part. The music is just awesome and the costumes always amaze me. I'm just glad Ron was with us rather than us meeting him there because he was working the show. :)

A Walk Through Nature- The Musical

I know these are hard to see but the room was kind of dark and we were up in the bleachers.
These are some pictures from Anna's first school program. The first graders worked hard every day learning their parts. They sang several songs together as a group and then each class stepped down to the microphone and recited their poem. Anna's class was entitled "Rain". This program was so cute and they had so much fun performing it for us at the PTO meeting. The music teacher did an awesome job.

Here is Anna's class taking a bow:
I tried to post a video clip but for some reason it wouldn't load. Oh well, you get the idea. Mommy and Daddy were so proud and even Luke enjoyed it. He has been running around the house singing about crickets and bees!